art by Lilia Levin

Louise Rogers

Louise Rogers

The vocals on jazz CD "Come Ready and See Me" arise from a truly gifted singer


Louise Rogers
"Come Ready and See Me"

Louise Rogers is a musician who mixes jazz with a hint of pop music.

The songs on the "Come Ready and See Me" CD are very good and more contemporary than jazz by those such as Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk or Duke Ellington. The main thing that is at the forefront of this CD is the vocal power of Louise Rogers. These vocals are very good and make this CD a hit.

Also, the songs are all different. "The Song is You" is more in the realm of a tune that would be covered by Ella Fitzgerald. This arrangement is similar to traditional jazz, with Elvin Jones-type drumming, upright bass and piano.

"Lass from the Low Countree" is my personal favorite track because it seems to showcase the singing talents of Rogers the best. The arrangement and vocals remind me of a Roberta Flack tune. Maybe it's the echoey vocals and Jazz guitar (electric bass, actually! - ed.) accompaniment.

This CD. overall, has an impressive sound for contemporary jazz styling. For a reviewer who has listened to many, many CDs this year, this is one of the truly and seriously gifted singers for any style or genre of music. The vocals alone sell it to me and to many other musicians who will listen to it.

If you're a fan of jazz and contemporary jazz styling, purchase Louse Rogers' new CD, "Come Ready and See Me," available at