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Louise Rogers

CD Review: Louise Rogers - Come ready and see me

Karl Stober

Splashes of innocence is just one effect the new release by New England native Louise Rogers with her 2007 project Come ready and see me has on the jazz populace. Ms. Rogers diverse vocal attributes takes us on a unique adventure. Outside her vocal talents she showcases an innovative style in arranging which makes the project stand alone.

Ms. Rogers takes chances and stretches the borders of her vocal flair. This is noticeable in Gottfried Stoger’s Poetic Song as she partners with the saxophone artistry of Stoger. The relationship is one that captures the most educated ear!

Rogers opens the spin with a hot swing tempo...Be My Baby just heats up the room with her vocal diversity allowing her performance attain overdrive levels…

One point should be made that the sounds behind her are so well suited to her approach. Rick Strong (string bass and electric bass), Mathew Fries (Pianist), Mathias Kunzli (Percussion/Drums), Paul Meyers (Guitar) and Gottfried Stoger (Saxophone) all have a keen insight into Rogers’ vocals and arrangements. Thus allowing this project multiple personalities that work as one!

Richard Whiting’ s Louise is an entertaining spin! Rogers scat attack is wonderful, filled with numerous mood swings… The cut is performed with the innovative creativity one should allow when taking a classic to task.

Ms. Rogers with all her talents has created a fine collection of pleasurable moments. The music is crisp and fresh along with the vocal diversity. Come ready and see me is one spin you should do just that!

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