art by Lilia Levin

Louise Rogers

CD Review issue # 71 Improvijazzation Nation


Louise Rogers & Rick Strong - BASS-ICALLY SPEAKING: 

This very effective (& interesting) CD uses Ms. Rogers voice as a counterpoint to the  bass, especially from the standpoint of rhythm! Some superb scat, as you might expect, & a great fun spirit, too.  One critique I'll make, which may seem like "nitpicking" to some readers, is that the CD wasn't burned with the TITLES & track information on it. I believe that's ever more important in today's digital environment - tho' it (technically) has little or nothing to do with the quality of the music.  One thing that really held my attention is that though there's plenty of jazz influence here, they don't stick with "strictly" jazz ("Angel In The House", track 2, or the traditional tune, "Shenandoah")! In the overall, though, the jazz theme holds sway, & I (personally) think that's what keeps the album out of the "discount racks".  Louise has a voice that will reach right out & touch your heart - & won't let go... smooth, yet full of verve & life! I have no doubt that any listener who digs jazz vocals with spirit, complimented by bass/guitar most effectively, will find this album very attractive & listenable.  I give it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Get more information on the CD at

                                                     Rotcod Zzaj