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Louise Rogers

Young Children:

  • Louise is the founder and director of the Washington Heights Jazz Choir  for ages 6 12. New for Fall 2011 there is now a choir for 5-year-olds! Formerly known as My First Choir, this choir focuses on jazz songs from the Great American Songbook. Songs by Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Harold Arlen and more. This choir meets at the Cornerstone Center  on Bennett Ave. between 189 and 190 streets in Washington Heights, NYC. There are two sessions per year.  
  • Louise is the Music Specialist at Medical Center Nursery School (MCNS)in Washington Heights, NYC. She teaches children ages 2 5. Jazz is an integral part of her teaching at MCNS and Nat Hentoff has this to say about her work.

    ... the most joyously encouraging way of expanding the audience for jazz I've heard is the work of jazz singer educator Louise Rogers in the Medical Center Nursery School in Washington Heights where she and classroom teacher have developed an exhilarating and fun jazz curriculum for pre-kindergarten. Nat Hentoff

 High School: Private Voice Instructor and Clinician:

  •  Louise teaches voice at Roxbury High School (RHS) in Roxbury, N.J.. RHS has an extensive performing arts division and only top instrumental and vocal teachers are hired for private instruction. Over 80 students are enrolled in private voice instruction and many go on to pursue a career in music (music theater, teaching, performing in classical or jazz, etc.). In addition, Louise is brought in as a clinician to work with the jazz choirs. RHS has 3 jazz choirs. Among the other clinicians brought in to work with these choirs are Darmon Meader, Kim Nazarian, Peter Eldridge all of New York Voices.
  •  Private instruction:
    Louise teaches a variety of ages and styles.
    Auditions for shows
    Preparation for college auditions
    Preparation to sing with a jazz group
    Preparation for a solo
    Just 'cuz you love to sing
    Accompanist provided in the style you're working on.


Educational Performances and Workshops:

Books, BeBop, Bass Lines and Blues  grades k - 4

Louise Rogers and Rick Strong have been performing for adults and children for over 15 years. They are active in the public schools doing workshops and residencies, and perform in the public libraries and parks of NYC. At night they are often featured in one of the jazz clubs of the city. Louise and Rick's CD "Bass-ically Speaking" is a duo of bass and voice. They have just finished a jazz CD for children entitled "Ella Fitzgerald Sang Bop Boo Day!" Information on both recordings is available at


Children explore the world of literature and jazz. They will delight in discovering the swinging nature of their favorite poems or stories by adding a bass line accompaniment, improvisation and even  incorporating the blues. The work and lives of jazz and blues greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and B.B. King will be introduced via stories (Charlie Parker Played Be Bop), poems (Ella Fitzgerald sang Bop Boo Day) and song (So What and What Did You Have for Breakfast). A Workshop is intended for one class at a time and is a very hands on experience.

Performance: Louise Rogers: Vocalist, Rick Strong: Bass

Exploring Books, BeBop, Bass Lines and Blues, Louise Rogers and Rick Strong will perform a variety of music that involves the audience. Children will hear the story Charlie Parker Played Bebop as well as some of their favorite poems come to life by adding a bass line and some vocal improvisation. Ms. Rogers will show the joy of scatting with poems about Ella Fitzgerald and will demonstrate how the voice is used to imitate instrumentalists like Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. Animal Blues and What Did You have For Breakfast will involve the audience in a light hearted introduction to the blues that will get everyone thinking about the sad and yet funny characteristics of Singing the Blues Performances are intended for two or three classes. The audience is encouraged to participate in many of the songs.

 Preschool Workshop

Young children will be BeBoppin' with Rick and Louise as they sing and swing their favorite songs and poems to the jazzy bass lines. Imitating barnyard animals and instruments, the children will be involved in vocal improvisation. Great jazz artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis will be introduced via stories (Charlie Parker Played Be Bop), poems (Ella Fitzgerald sang Bop Boo Day) and song (So What and Animal Blues).


Her innovative approach to exposing children to the joy and magic of jazz was truly exceptional.
Pat Martinez - 4th grade teacher NYC Public School System

She can pull an audience in, capture their hearts (and ears), and get everyone to sing along, learn, and have a good time.
Jennifer Bernstein - 1st grade teacher NYC Public School System

The students, without question, are hungry for this type of learning, and Louise has sated their appetite!
Jenny Ander Principal, Special Music School, NYC

She taught our students  how to communicate with each other through scatting. The Children could not get enough of her creativity and excitement.
Laura Lenes - 3rd grade teacher NYC Public School System

Louise is a gifted teacher, with a very appealing, low-key way of involving the children in her work 
Sean Hartley Director, The Theater Wing, Kaufman Center