Louise Rogers

art by Lilia Levin

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CD cover art by Brian Pinkney

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CD cover art by Lilia Levin

CD cover art by Lilia Levin

Together We Can Improvise

Grades 1 - 3

Grades 4 - 6

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CD cover art by Chris Raschka

"Establishes a new relationship between bass and voice...reminiscent of Tuck and Patti...you will long to hear this CD"
Kim Nazarian - New York Voices

"Masterful performance...refreshing to hear...this music is exposed and draws you into it."
 Jerry Bergonzi - Internationally recognized jazz saxophonist and teacher

"Achieves a beautiful mood with the voice and bass."
Luciana Souza - Grammy nominated Jazz vocalist

"A wonderful innocence and a pure, unaffected quality."
Les Hooper - Arranger and composer

“Louise possesses a voice of subtlety and strength. Rick has a beautiful rich tone on both upright and electric basses. My favorite moments come when Louise and Rick are doubling each other on swinging chromatic phrases, making them sound like one instrument instead of two, completely locked in to what the other is doing.”
Peter Eldridge – member of the Grammy award  winning vocal group New York Voices.

Louise Rogers...great chops and a warm, witty approach to song...
Andrew Rowan – All About Jazz, NY